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The temperature inside the kettle matches what the thermostat

Let’s say this cost 50 a day. You’re now down to 50.You have to spend some on your workout. It takes energy to do all those pull ups. But it also tends to turn up other ways the code could be improved, resulting in better code overall, rather than just renaming the method and not solving the bigger problem of your codebase being a gigantic rat nest.TL;DR, if you can tell from context what type of thing you working with, you got bigger problems than refactoring that one method.Come on, your idea of discovering technical debt by manually visiting all the places where you renamed foo into bar is Canada Goose UK a bit far too innovative.Why would you not get rid of it at the first chance you got?Because I have deadlines and a long list of priorities. And I do not want to spend more than one minute on renaming foo into bar. When time comes to spend a bit of effort on addressing technical debt, I go through a list of warnings produced by a static analysis tool (which is also far more intelligent when it dealing with a statically typed language)..

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