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The issue is what happened after the administration learned of

When somebody shoots in your direction at close range, the noise will be deafening, literally.I could probably go into much more detail, but this isn the place and there are several excellent youtube videos about the topic of suppressors and analysis of various aspects that they they do.MAC (military arms channel) video about various suppressors.AR 15 suppressors measured around 135dBA, 140dBa is considered threshold for hearing safety (short peaks).also: It is so beloved by SF world over because it was not only insanely quiet, but also the recoil was superbly easy to manage and control while moving. The reason it is no longer used (except by some police using military surplus, see england), is because of body armor getting better and widely used. THe 9mm was no longer enough.THe mp7 was specifically designed around a new cartridge that was designed explicitly to defeat body armour and replay the role of the mp5.In game they have the same armour penetration.Its all for balance at the end of the day.

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