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Sumail said it last TI TI is just as much about the teams that

1 billion is for Dapps. Another 50 100mil has been dedicated to other items. As far as the other almost 3 billion, this hasn been announced(which is very sketchy to me). Even first item BKB made no sense against a Mag + Ember who can just kite around him.Sumail definitely has to be one of the best laners in the world at the moment.Miracle not as good as a laner compared to sumail, noone or maybe but he seems to have the best decision making mid late game. Of course sometimes the lanes are not evenly matched due to the draft but that another issue to be discussed.Ana was unreal on PL and Ember in grand finals but his decision making and laning throughout the tournament probably wasn even top 5 or top 10 in my subjective opinion.This is a team game and the best team won. Sumail said it last TI TI is just as much about the teams that show up hungry (OG) as it is the teams that get nervous and play worse (VP does this a lot at TI).Massive credit to OG coaching and research though.

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