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Our original concept was correct

Self Post Sundays are our main discussion day. I was sent away to the east for the story quest. I wanted to complete a small sidequest first so I went west to gather some materials. Baxter just felt confident enough about the economy to jump from job to job in order to boost his salary. He’s quit six different engineering jobs since February 2013, including two positions since last summer.”I tend to change jobs about every six to twelve months. It’s the best way to increase salary,” Baxter told CNNMoney.The calculation is simple: It comes down to staying and getting a 1% raise or leaving and receiving a 10% boost, he said.”Always have an out in your back pocket,” said Baxter, who currently works as a quality engineer at an auto parts supplier.Related: The 100 best jobs in AmericaBen Baxter, 28, has quit six different engineering jobs since February 2013.

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