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In order to comply with federal law

Depending on how much you enjoy temples, feel free to spend more time in Kyoto. I loved the city, personally, and after spending 5 days there on my first trip I plan to spend a full week on my second, and I won be seeing the same sites I saw previously. That said, you seeing some good sites (though Kanazawa a bit out of the way, especially for a day trip.

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Canada Goose sale Check out some of growmau5 videos, he does some good comparisons of the different technologies. Price point is on par with the burple LEDs at this point. Check it out if you get some cash to splurge.. But for the two credit card giants, weaning themselves from short term borrowing which has proved unreliable lately may force them to spend heavily in the short term.By loosening up purse strings and paying upfront to acquire a bank, or multiple banks, the credit card companies could ensure more stable long term funding for themselves in the form of bank deposits, analysts canada goose outlet michigan said.AmEx and Discover are probably thinking long and hard whether they might want to buy a bank, said James Ellman, president of hedge fund Seacliff Capital.But even if canada goose outlet new york city money is not a problem, both have said buying a bank is not a priority.In addition, canada goose outlet store quebec American Express canada goose outlet uk which sold its international banking operation in 2007 to focus on the credit card businessrecently became a bank holding company and is expected to get $3.39 billion from the government.Discover has applied to get bank status, too, and expects to receive up to $1.2 billion.And prices might never be better.The five banks declined to comment.BUT ARE THEY BUYERS? Both American Express and Discover which have relied on capital markets to cover their funding needs have said buying a bank is not at the top of their list.sense is that the direction they are headed, said Mark Kanaly, a financial services partner at the law firm Alston Bird.Any major concerns about funding for operations were eased by obtaining the bank holding company status, which guaranteed access to the canada goose outlet store new york Federal Reserve discount window if quick financing is required, analysts said. A bank acquisition could narrow the gap.Possible strategies could include buying a medium sized institution and using it canada goose outlet reviews as a springboard for further acquisitions, Kanaly said.would not rule (anacquisition) out, David Nelms, chief executive of Discover, told Reuters last month, although he added it was not a priority.An American Express spokeswoman also said running a branch network was not a priority. The company canada goose outlet black friday easily canada goose outlet florida met its canada goose outlet online store debt requirements for the fourth quarter and feels canada goose outlet us comfortable with its funding outlook, she added.Both have said they would use the taxpayer money to expand credit.SO, WHY NOT? The risk of buying a bank is that with deposits come bad debts and the banks that offer the deepest discounts could also bring a bulk of losses.A risky deal could also add further pressure on the shares of American Express and Discover, which canada goose kensington parka uk lost 60 and 36 percent respectively in the last year.The urgency to buy a bank would depend on whether or not canada goose victoria parka outlet the credit crisis worsens, but with the $1 trillion credit card industry facing record credit losses of around $70 billion in 2009 as unemployment rises to the highest level since the early 1980s the outlook is gloomy.two institutions really cannot stand alone from the rest of the credit card industry and they are the only two that are not part of a larger, more diversified banking institution, said John Bartko, an analyst at credit rating agency Standard PoorS cut American Express rating to last month due to increasing financial pressure on the industry Canada Goose sale.




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