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I have never experienced any issues

I try not to tilt but nothing makes me want to just afk powerfarm more than when I beg for a watch on blue early, and they refuse, so like not even afk, they just straight up didn want to do it. And then it gets stolen.Especially on like Jax or Heca or Skarner someone who needs that blue to keep clearing quick and keeping his health up, and hurry on up to lvl 6, it is so frustrating.I don need you to ward, I don need you to lose CS, and if your top lane Trynd, then leave early and take your lane priority.If you have a clear path to establishing a big farm advantage while playing Yi, then you should almost always take it, especially when you haven yet hit level 6 and your ganking is still weak.It was just a bad gank. He just ran at them from the river, chased them all the way to their tower, and I don think he even got an alpha strike off.Can count the amount of times I had a large wave crashing into my turret whilst half hp/nearly oom only for my jungler to gank and wonder why he died.

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