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1 percent on billions, pretending it is earning money not in

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canada goose outlet store Ahlberg, best known for his book Jolly Postman has written dozens of popular children books, including many illustrated by his late wife Janet.He had been due to receive the inaugural Booktrust Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Booktrust charity which promotes reading, but after learning Amazon was involved he rejected it.fairly applied to us all, is a good thing. It pays for schools, hospitals libraries! When companies like Amazon cheat paying 0.1 percent on billions, pretending it is earning money not in the Canada Goose Parka UK, but in Luxembourg that a bad buy canada goose jacket thing, Ahlberg said in an open letter published on Thursday on the website ofThe Bookseller, a business magazine for the book industry.should surely, at the very least, say that it is bad and on no account give it any support or, by association, respectability, said Ahlberg, 76.defense is that it is not breaking any laws, but could Booktrust not have found a more moral sponsor? canada goose coats The idea that my achievement should have the Amazon tag attached to it is unacceptable, Ahlberg added. [ID:L6N0NV2DK]A Reuters call to Amazon press department was not immediately returned, but Amazon told Reuters in May that it follows all the tax rules in every country where it operates.Booktrust had been due to present the award to Gilbert last week canada goose outlet store.




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